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Thursday, February 11, 2010

  Where Else Do They Care about the Truck?

The Red Sox spring training equipment truck leaves Fenway in 24 hours for its annual trip to Fort Myers. Nowhere else in Major League Baseball is the departure of the truck such a big deal.

Boston is a baseball town like no other, which is why we anxiously await any milestone that makes us feel that baseball isn't far away. The departure of the truck, pitchers and catchers reporting, the first exhibition game—to the die hard fan, those events are almost as big as Opening Day. They're a bit like the mile markers along a marathon route. They remind us that, despite the weather, we really are moving toward spring.

Karen and I will be there. We plan to make a day of it: head into town around mid-morning, browse the souvenir store, watch the truck load up, wave good-bye (that was Karen waving two years ago), walk across Brookline Ave for lunch, maybe hit the MFA or Museum of Science in the afternoon.

Truck Day also signals the end of my protracted period of procrastination (hey, alliteration!) about blogging. I have no more excuses for delay. I can barely stand the pressure.


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