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Friday, February 06, 2009

  Waxing Poetic

Happy Truck Day! Karen wrote a bit of verse to send on the equipment to Fort Myers:

Truck Day
(with a nod to Ernest Thayer's Casey at the Bat, penned 121 years ago)

The winter winds were howling down Yawkey Way last night;
Ice hung from bleacher railings, what a cold and chilling sight.
Deep inside the sacred home of bats and balls and glory,
A tiny mouse named Petey began to tell a story.

It was the tale of Terry, the brave and valiant knight,
Who never cried and never quit but exercised his might;
In quiet, simple, strength he fought 'gainst Jay, and Ray, and Yankee;
All season long he hung on strong with little but a 'thank ye'.

Then Youk and Pap and Jacoby with Dice-K, Wake, and Timlin;
Saw Theo smile and break a grin and say to someone, "Come in!"
So in trooped Saito, Smoltz, and Bard and returning Mr. Kotsay,
And someone heard John Henry say, "The season starts today."

There was an ease in Tito's manner as he stepped out of the crowd;
There was pride in his demeanor which showed that he was proud.
He told us all that they were ready and not to be downcast,
"It's a new year. It's a new day. (Boy this winter went by fast!)"

So load 'em up – get all the stuff – and don't forget a thing;
The base balls, gloves, and liniment - especially Terry’s RING.
Rotation charts and cribbage boards and every other item
That could be used against the Yanks to help us when we fight 'em.

"Oh somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout;"
But the greatest joy's in Boston – the equipment truck's set out!

The Triumphant Son, who is a man of few words and is thus partial to haiku, marked the event more succinctly:

Throw and hit the ball
This year is the one, again
Yankees fans beware


Cheers of Red Sox triumph so far: 1

God on Alex

Thursday, February 05, 2009

  One Fan Speaks, the Red Sox Listen

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead

I'm so proud of my friend Karen right now, I could burst.

Karen is one of those card-carrying members of Red Sox Nation™ (yes, I write that disparagingly) who has forked over her dues each year in the hope that it will give her access to the elusive game tickets. I've tried to tell her that she doesn't need a membership, she needs a friend who manages to get her hands on tickets throughout the season, and that friend of course would be moi. But I digress. Through her Nation™ membership, she receives periodic e-mails entitled, "Red Sox Nation Citizen News."

A couple weeks ago, one such e-mail talked about Truck Day, which for those of you not keeping track is tomorrow. Last year, Truck Day was on a Saturday, and Karen and I met Cyn on Yawkey Way after picking up a couple tourist guys from Illinois in the Kenmore T station, but that's another story. The five of us, and a small but enthusiastic group of similarly deranged Sox fanatics watched the truck being loaded with everything from hats to bats to compression shorts (something I still don't want to know about) and talked to the loitering media types who were there to cover what is a big event in no other city in the world. When the truck finally pulled away from the curb, drove down Yawkey Way, and turned onto Brookline Avenue on its way to Fort Myers, it was Karen who waved a heartfelt bon voyage to the departing semi — and got her picture on the Boston Globe web site doing so.

So back to the e-mail about Truck Day. Karen was a bit crestfallen that she couldn't be there due to work commitments, so she wrote to the Red Sox Nation™ people suggesting that perhaps fans who couldn't be there in person for the send-off could instead e-mail in their warm spring training wishes, which would then be printed and packed in the truck with the compression shorts.

This afternoon, she received this:


The Red Sox Equipment Truck leaves for Spring Training TOMORROW!

The truck departure lets us know that pitchers and catchers are right around the corner, and that the 2009 season is about to begin!

With that in mind, and on a suggestion from a fan who e-mailed me just a few days ago (you know who you are) [TRSF's note: IT'S KAREN!], we'll be collecting your e-mails and sending them down to Spring Training on the equipment truck! It's our hope that sending messages of support from all over Red Sox Nation down to Florida might just bring our team some good luck to start the season off right! So, please e-mail insider [at] redsox.com by tomorrow (Friday) at noon to have your message sent down with the equipment truck.

Your e-mails could be anything from a simple "Good luck, boys!" to a message of support for a particular player.

Just send them along now so we can get them on the truck!

All the best from inside the Front Office,
The Voice of the Nation

OK, people, you know what to do. Karen has started the ball rolling. Let's take advantage of her efforts on behalf of us all, and get those messages sent off tonight.

Margaret Mead may not have been a Red Sox fan, but we can still prove her right.

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Cheers of Red Sox triumph so far: 2

shov your truck day up your ass, the Yankees are coming, no more mister nice guy

Ooooh, someone is a bit testy. What's the matter, the latest Yankee steroid news got you down?

And what, exactly, is "shov?" Thanks for proving once again what pinheads Yankees fans are.

Now go back to your mother's basement.

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