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Sunday, February 21, 1999

  Spring Training Outlook

Spring Training '99 has arrived for the Red Sox, and with it come a few disjointed thoughts from yours truly.

Whatever happens in Fort Myers this week will be overshadowed by last week's trade of a certain former Boston ace to a certain rival team which shall remain nameless.

This caps an off-season in which the biggest Red Sox signing was Jose Offerman's $26 million 4-year deal.

Mo Vaughn is in Anaheim, the newest member of the disgruntled-former-Red-Sox-superstars club.

Sox ticket prices, which were already the highest in baseball, are up again.

This year's All-Star game is coming to Fenway, but Joe Torre will be managing the American Leaguers.

Dan Duquette is still the General Manager, and the Jean R. Yawkey trust, with John Harrington at the helm, still owns the team.

And they're still talking about ditching Friendly Fenway.

The good news is... things can only get better.

Just my opinion.

Cheers of Red Sox triumph so far: 0

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